Stream Reiki Self-Practice Agreement

Congratulations on taking this step, to receive attunement to Stream Reiki directly from its source. I am so thrilled for you to experience it in this deeper way!

Before your “Stream Reiki Self-Practice Attunement” course, please read and agree to the following terms:

  • I accept that “Stream Reiki Self-Practice Attunement” teaches me to channel this unique guided healing energy to support my own ongoing well-being and transformation. I will use Stream Reiki mostly for personal practice.
  • I accept that this training also gives me permission to offer Stream Reiki in informal moments to my family, pets, and close friends (ages 18 and older), to deepen connection and support relaxation, healing, and peace. I can send them our website description right here and our fact sheet right here, if they’d like to understand more about this technique.
  • I accept that “Stream Reiki Self-Practice Attunement” does not give me permission to offer this modality in formal sessions with paying clients, nor to advertise or barter Stream Reiki work in any way.
  • I accept that this course does not teach or authorize me to offer Stream Reiki “attunement” to others in any capacity. If people in my life would like to learn to work with Stream Reiki directly from its source for their own healing, they are warmly welcome to undertake “Stream Reiki Self-Practice Attunement” at Entering the Stream.
  • I accept that if/when I would like to share Stream Reiki in a professional context, in paid sessions with my own clients, I will need to do “Stream Reiki Professional Certification” with Mary Hartley, available from January 2024 onward.
  • I agree to relate to Stream Reiki with utmost integrity, working with it for the highest good of all beings.
  • I understand that “Stream Reiki Self-Practice Attunement” is conducted in two one-to-one sessions, 90 minutes each. The first follow-up session is required, and further are available as an option, for those wishing to continue refining their Stream Reiki attunement and self-practice over time.

Thank you so much! I can’t wait to share this beautiful process with you soon.