Stream Circle: An online community for inner practice, connection, and growth

Connecting with others is a powerful foundation for our inner practice. Being in community amplifies our own practice, inspires us to continue when we falter for whatever reason, and mirrors our contributions, making them more potent. We, in turn, encourage others, and together we create a positive feedback loop that can be a support in times of joy, need, and transformation.

Just sitting together in Zen meditation and Stream Reiki, in non-judgmental, welcoming presence, even as the deeper layers arise and shift, can be life-changing, unlocking greater health, happiness, and compassion for self and others. It is invaluable, fun & human, and it works.

This is what we are working towards here in Stream Circle.

As the beloved non-duality teacher Ram Dass has said, “we are all just walking each other home,” and the pace is our own.

It can work well to join after taking our 2-week course (“Learn to Meditate”), 6-week course (“Finding Inner Peace”), or one-to-one programs.

You’re also warmly welcome to sign up as your first experience at Entering the Stream. It’s a long-standing tradition to join a group and learn your inner practice as you go along, and we provide everything you need to get started.

Stream Circle meets…

Online everywhere

…and we would love for you to join us!

The inner peace, joy, wisdom, and fulfillment that meditators and reiki practitioners have been uncovering for generations from the inside out, are waiting for you, too, as you explore and develop your inner practice. Practicing together can help you enter this reality more swiftly and fully, in every moment. The energy of Stream Circle is like a positive “vortex,” helping us all deepen and arrive into our whole, real lives, more easily than we could do alone!

Our weekly “Meditation Group” is hosted by our co-teacher Dainei Tracy, an inspiring and grounded guide to meditation and inner life, with over four decades of experience and insight to draw on in supporting your personal path and discovery. Recent students have called her “magical,” “a warm and golden person,” and “just the best thing ever!” You can read more about Dainei and her work right here. She’s in the final stage of publishing her first book (an experiential taste of liberation written as a poetic legend!).

Mary Hartley, our founding teacher, hosts our (new!) “Stream Reiki” sessions, plus “Office Hours” most Saturdays. It’s her voice you’ll hear in the “Quickstart Guide to Zen Meditation” on your Stream Circle members’ page, as you’re beginning and developing your practice.

Read on, to see our community schedule and learn how to sign up as a member.



Our practice schedule

We meet each week to practice and connect, online on Zoom from all over the world. Our weekly meditation session is recorded, so you can watch or listen later on your own schedule, if you can’t attend live. (All of our sessions and recordings have closed captions and VTT transcripts available. If there’s anything else you need for accessibility and comfort here, please don’t hesitate to reach out.) Sign up for membership below!



Meditation Group — 8 am LA / 11 am NYC / 4 pm London

Join us on Zoom for our weekly 60-minute Zen meditation class with Dainei. You can log in from wherever you are — at home, at your desk, outside in nature, anywhere that works for you. We begin the session with a short welcome and a chance to check in, followed by two sitting meditation periods (one intuitively guided, and one in silence), with a break in between for stretching and mindfulness. Our goal is for you to leave each week feeling refreshed, connected, inspired, and supported. From the grounding and peace of your own space, sync with other meditators and enrich your inner path.



Stream Reiki “Top-Up” — 1 pm LA / 4 pm NYC / 9 pm London

This new 30-minute session offers an easy, seamless dose of our “Stream Reiki” healing energy midweek. Here we sign on to Zoom with mics and cameras off, entering directly into the flow of the practice, guided by Mary Hartley. Ideal for introverts, busy folks, and experienced practitioners seeking more frequent connection with the reiki, this quick tune-up can help reinforce and enhance your expanding consciousness and alchemizing embodiment. (We meet weekly, except for the Wednesday right before the last Saturday of the month, when we take a break for integration.)



Stream Reiki Group — 8 am LA / 11 am NYC / 4 pm London

In this 60-minute energy healing, Mary Hartley sets up a space in which your goals and intentions can be acknowledged and amplified (either aloud or in silence), then sends waves of “Stream Reiki” (our unique frequency of transformational energy!) to the group, individually and collectively, inviting effortless and surprising shifts to occur in our mind-body-energy systems. This efficient inner healing can also create beautiful changes in our outer worlds and lives (“as within, so without”). This Zoom gathering includes an opportunity to celebrate and debrief your process in community, on camera and/or in the chat thread. (We meet weekly, except for the last Saturday of the month, which is our integration break.)


Office Hours — 9 am LA / 12 pm NYC / 5 pm London

Our 60-minute “Office Hours” is a chance to stop by on Zoom for a one-to-one chat with your teacher about any questions and practice experiences you’ve been having recently. Personal support can help deepen and accelerate your practice (and make it more gentle, alive, and fun). This is an online drop-in session, and we’ll invite you into the Zoom meeting one person at a time. If there’s someone ahead of you, please feel free to meditate, or let your reiki experience continue flowing or settling, while you wait. (This session is hosted by MH most weeks, and by Dainei on the last Saturday of the month.)


Stream Circle is a community committed to inner practice, genuine living, and a peaceful world, and we’d love for you to join.

How to join

You can join Stream Circle by registering as a member below.

Membership is $37/month (and you receive one month free every cycle, if you subscribe for 6 months at a time). You can cancel your membership any time.

(Please note that we offer full and partial scholarships to Stream Circle and encourage you to apply. No one is turned away for lack of funds.)

When you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email within 24 hours, with the full details and instructions for attending our sessions and accessing our online spaces (including a private Facebook group, where you can connect with fellow members and find a “Practice Buddy,” if you’d like to).

You can come as often or as occasionally as you’d like. Even practicing in a group and/or touching base with a teacher just once a month or so will multiply and strengthen your results and enjoyment in your inner practice (and life!).

Follow these steps to register now:

Option 1: Pay monthly ($37/month)

This membership option renews automatically each month until you cancel it. We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee (full refund within the first 14 days, so you can try the program with no risk). To sign up for Stream Circle, please read our “Student Agreement” here, and agree to the terms below. Then follow the link to PayPal, to complete your subscription.

Option 2: 6 months (Get 1 month free)

This membership option offers a reduced payment rate for subscribing in advance (many thanks!). It renews automatically every 6 months until you cancel. It includes a full refund within the first 14 days, if you’re not satisfied with Stream Circle for any reason. To sign up, please read our “Student Agreement” here, and agree to the terms below. Then follow the link to PayPal, to complete your subscription.


Your presence in Stream Circle will make a significant difference, both to you and to everyone here who’s exploring this flow of peace, discovery, healing, and freedom.

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to reach out.

Come join us for nourishing, liberating, collective magic!



“Love and Justice are not two. Without inner change, there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters.” –Rev. angel Kyodo williams
“The path to the fullness of being lies through human intimacy, not away from it.” –Cynthia Bourgeault